The Memo Stack

The Memo Stack

(this post expands on an earlier tweet)

Memos have replaced pitch decks. Founders (and investors) now prefer a long-form documents over visual slides. Memos help the writer share their story in the exact words they would prefer. There is a smaller margin of misinterpretation. Pitch decks which rely on the reader to consume, parse and interpret.

Docsend is the industry standard for sharing investment memos and pitch decks. It doesn't fulfil the product promise:

  • flawed email based gating as `` has become most famous VC email
  • analytics for anything other than a pitch deck are not helpful
  • reading experience for long-form docs -- esp. on mobile -- is poor
  • inability to plug live financial models which can take input run scenarios on-demand

Notion has become the popular choice for such memos. The reading, writing, sharing experience makes it a no-brainer. With some tooling I introduce below, you can almost create an investor center for your raise.

The tools for this solution include:

1. @NotionHQ → cms

2. @super_ →

3. @crisp_im → live chat

4. @fullstory → in-page analytics

5. @chilipepperio → forms

6. @CausalHQ (optional) → live embedded models

In this video I walkthrough the setup and use case for each tool listed:

I would love to hear your feedback on twitter @osamakhn